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Council Tax - Single person discount


Use this form to apply for a 25% single person discount:

  • if you already have your Council Tax account
  • and you are the only adult (18 or over) living in the property 
  • or you need to advise that your circumstances have changed (for example someone has moved in)

It is only possible to backdate a single persons discount for a maximum period of 365 days using this form

If the start date of the discount (or the date you're no longer entitled to discount) is more than 14 days away, please tell us about it nearer the time, as we won't be able to update your account until then.

Don't use this form

  • If you're applying for a discount because there's one person in your home who's not a student and all other people are, please use our Apply for a disregard discount form instead.
  • If you're applying for a discount because a member of your household has died, please use our Tell us about a change form instead.

Please continue to pay your Council Tax as billed while we deal with your application. Recovery action may be taken if you don't pay.

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